1. Finding Canines

Project Kenny volunteers will help assist in identifying and developing relationships with canine trainers and canine providers.

Some canine trainers may also provide the canines to the organization at no cost or for a reasonable fee.

In other situations where a canine trainer is not providing the canine, the organization’s volunteers will seek out suitable canines to be trained, whether by donation or at a reasonable cost.

Any costs associated with the canines will be raised through fundraising efforts.

Ultimately, the canines will be specially trained to suit the needs of various selected recipients.



  1. Finding Recipients

Through a committee of volunteers, including former military service members, Project Kenny will search for candidates that will benefit from being provided a trained canine and who could also handle having a supportive canine in their daily lives.

Additionally, the organization will allow the public to recommend individuals who would benefit from receiving a canine from our organization.

These recommendations can come in the form of direct mail, email, through the organization’s website, or through any other reasonable method of communication.

There is no requirement of residency for any of the candidates who will receive a canine and support from Project Kenny.    


  1. Fundraising efforts

Project Kenny will engage and accept volunteers to help promote the organization’s mission and educate the public, by directing those interested in donating or helping the organization to the Project Kenny website.

We will promote the organization via professional and personal networks of involved individuals, including utilizing various social media outlets (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

In addition, future fundraising activities may include events such as charity galas and fundraising events in various cities domestically, where we will work to inform various media publications about our cause to bring awareness to the public.