Matt Sauri

As a business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and athlete, Wimmer Solutions CEO Matt Sauri takes great pride in having a positive impact on people’s lives. From coaching fellow entrepreneurs, serving on numerous nonprofit boards, to practicing creative volunteerism and community advocacy, Matt enjoys putting his talents and abilities to work for the good of others.

As a child, growing up near the United States Naval Academy, Matt had the opportunity to know midshipmen from the academy. For many years, Matt’s family would sponsor Plebes, which included having them join the family for Sunday dinners as underclassmen, and as they progressed in their education, they would spend weekends with Matt’s family. Building these relationships with the future officers left an indelible mark on Matt.

The vision for Project Kenny came from Matt as a way to honor Kenny, his beloved black lab. Kenny was always by Matt’s side, providing support during the good and not so good times. Their relationship was like no other from the very beginning (you can read “Our story” to learn more).

Well aware of the trauma our active duty military and veterans live with on a daily basis, Matt couldn’t sit and watch the statistics for military suicides increase, he knew he had to do something. Knowing what a blessing and comfort Kenny was (and continues to be), Matt wants to help those who have served and are suffering, with the same unconditional love and companionship. Matt has always believed that “Care Creates Community”.

Matt is the founder and chairman of Project Kenny.