Cait Koffarnus

Cait is a retired U.S. Army veteran and joined Project Kenny in 2019. Her desire to serve came after she received a Project Kenny trained service dog named Scout. Scout is such a devoted companion to her, Cait felt the urge to help other veterans find the same sense of comfort only a service dog can give.

Cait is the secretary, grant writer, and serves on the board for Project Kenny. She is devoted to helping her fellow veterans fight the unseen scars of PTSD after Cait and her command were victims of a shooting in 2011, on American soil. Cait was injured but her entire command team and an innocent civilian were killed by a man with untreated mental illnesses. 

Cait medically retired from the Army, obtained a Bachelors degree in English, a Masters degree in Publishing and  a grant writing certification.